Welcome to Gulf Coast Mommy

Dauphin Island , Alabama 2017

“Hello and welcome to my website. I hope you enjoy it.” This beautiful welcome came from my gorgeous daughter Charlotte. She is currently sitting next to me “helping” me write this welcome page to you all. She has been watching me work very hard on it everyday and wanted to be able to help in some way. Funny enough that little quote fit in perfectly because my family and family life is exactly what this website is all about. You see my day to day routine is all about being a rocking wife and the best mother to my daughter and Autistic son Sean. I hope by sharing my journey (and even more specifically our Autism/Dup 7 genetic disorder journey) with you all, I can inspire you to live a happy and productive life. Not every day is easy or great, but there is something great in everyday.( I know that is a quote from somewhere but forgive me for not knowing the exact quote!)