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My First Ever Blog! (Holy Cow!)

First things first, I would like to take this moment to thank all of you who have found me and taken the time out of your busy day to read this. As a mom I know how hard it is to carve out a few minutes of time for yourself, so I so appreciate that you chose to stop by here. I am just a normal every day mom with lots on my plate. As I speak my 7 year old, Charlotte, is running through the house with our black lab making as much noise as possible. My 2 and half year old, newly diagnosed with autism, son Sean is stemming ( hand flapping, kicking, and yelling all together) in his playroom watching Blaze and the Monster Machines! My husband of ten years, Brent, just got off work and is showering getting ready for friends to come over to have dinner tonight!

I am painting this picture for you because this is what my life is like. ALL THE TIME! I wouldn’t change it for the world but man it can get difficult some days ha-ha. (I am sure all of you can relate, in one way or another.) My family has been through quit a lot this past year. You name it we have lived it this year. We started the evaluation process to have Sean diagnosed with autism. Which is something I plan on going over in more detail in a later post. My daughter’s elementary school had a flash fire over Christmas. Which as you can imagine affect her and everyone at school deeply. The start of the new year the entire family caught the flu! Brent and I sold our first home together ( we lived there for 10 years!) and bought our new house. We moved in a mere 2 weeks before a big vacation we had been planning for a year. We went to the Florida Keys. (I hope to share more of travels with all of you as well). That is just the tip of iceberg it seems, TO say we have been busy is a bit of an understatement.

I guess you might be asking why am I am sharing all of this very personal stuff with you. Honestly, its because each and everyone of us is going through a struggle. A journey if you will… My personal journey took a hard left in august when our pediatrician told me Sean might be autistic. It has but a lot of things in perspective and changed how I look at and approach things. I want this blog to show you how we as a family work together and love unconditionally and have become even closer. Life is tough but I believe as long as you stay positive you can work through anything. There is so much I am excited to share with you and there will be plenty more to write about later! I hope to see you all back real soon.

Katlyn – A Gulf Coast Mommy

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