Autism, Dup7, and more

Stimming and meltdowns…..

Yesterday and today have been rough in our house. Sean’s stemming has been the worst its been in a long time this entire week. Typically, he rarely stems while at his Mimi’s house, but even she said he was almost panic like. I try not to look at Sean’s behaviors as being Autism related all the time because I want to treat him as normally as possible. However, this week, his normal stemming was followed up but some other not so frequent behaviors for him.

1. Throwing his head back and forth
2. Clawing
3. Kicking
4. Refusing to eat
5. Crying and screaming for long periods of time
6. Zero interest in toys or favorite cartoons

I have to say that with all the other classic autism behaviors Sean shows, he does not come across as a loner and unemotional. He is actually a very content and happy boy. The above behaviors are very uncharacteristic of him. I guess the next question would be, why or what has affected him so much to feel the need to act in this manner?

Well! Something that most people may not understand about autism is that routine is crucial! Everything from what is eaten for breakfast to what time he goes to sleep at night. I am pointing this out because Sean’s routine was changed up this week. I normally work part time hours, mainly afternoon hours, but this week, I needed to work two full time days this week to help out a co-worker. Needless to say, by the end of the work week, Sean was over it!

I have spent my entire day, from about 4:00am on, with a very loud and fickle toddler. Since he is non-verbal, this makes it very hard to figure out exactly what is bothering him. All I can do is be there when he wants me, and be as calm and patient as possible. Why am I sharing this crazy day with the world? Because I feel it is important to share the good and bad stuff. Yes, I want to share positivity with the world, but lets be honest, not every day is sunshine and roses. WE have to have the rainy days to make us appreciate the good days.

I hope this continues to shine a light wherever and to whoever needs it. Sean needs me now. Hopefully, the night will be better and tomorrow will be that much better than today! Have a great evening everyone!

Love Always,
Katlyn- a gulf coast mommy


  • Leslie

    I didn’t know you were facing this, but it seems like you have a deep desire to be everything he needs and help him to live as normal a life as possible. Just remember to take care of yourself and take time out for yourself when possible! Hugs!

  • Cheryl curley

    Katie I didn’t know you had this website. It is awesome! You are and always have been a strong woman and I admire you. God has a special place for you!

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