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Running Update 8/2/18

Ok, for starters I know I haven’t updated anything since my last running post. HAHA! (sorry!!) That’s because the week after committing to training with you all, I totally fell of the horse!! You know how it goes things happen and priorities change week to week. So needless to say I ran one time that week. (wishing I had the emoji of the girl with her hand on her face! haha)

However, this past week I vowed to stay motivated. I found a strength training program on YouTube (Body by Amy) to go along with my running schedule. I did carve out time for two strength training work outs as well as two runs last week. I have to say I was very proud of myself! If you do not know, cross-training/strength training with your running can be very beneficial. Whether its to help you loose weight or to help make your finishing times faster. I really want to cross train for both reasons. To be honest I gained some stress weight this past year (that I want to loose) and I always want to get a little faster.


Now lets talk about this week. It has been another tough week for me on the fitness/running train. Its been kind of hard to go out and run when it has been raining ever time I have free to do so. It has literally rained everyday so far this week. Not that I have a problem running in the rain, but I just do not want to go out in a down pour with lightning! I am hoping to get something worked in today though. So far I have done my strength training but that’s it. (I can accomplish that indoors!)

(barrowing this from Pinterest because it totally sums up my feelings!)

I know that is not a lot to report at this point. But!! If you are attempting to start a new routine stick to it. Do it when you can and you will be amazed at how good you feel. I hope to check back in with you all real soon. I also post my workouts on my Instagram page @gulfcoastmommy, as well!

Love Always,

Katlyn- Gulf Coast Mommy

Tues: 30 min strength

Wed: nothing!

Thurs: 1.0-2.0 mile run (fingers crossed)

Fri: 30 min strength

Sat: 2.0 mile run (#runmob)


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