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First Race of the Fall Season!

Hello Hello friends and family!! Ok so I have been a total slacker on posting about my fitness/running journey as of late. As we all know, life gets in the way and plans change from day to day. However! Today was a big day. I ran my first 5k of the season and probably in about a year!!

I ran the 11th annual Go Run ( Go for Gynecological Oncology). I know everyone this time of year is starting to plan for their breast cancer walks and runs. Which is so important so please do that!! Likewise, I think we as women need to also be aware of Gynecological cancers as well. September in fact is Ovarian Cancer awareness month! As stated over the loud speaker at the start of the race, one women every seven minutes is diagnosed with some form of gynecological cancer. In my life I have personally known two families directly impacted from this horrible diagnosis. Both women unfortunately did not make it.

With all of this being said, I got up and out the door for an 8:00 a.m. start time and ran my 3.1 mile race. Let me tell you I am so proud of this particular race today. I have ran this race in the past and fondly remember it as being my first ever 5k race EVER! I completed that race with a finish time of about 33 minutes. Today, after a good year off, I ran that same race, same course ( because they have changed it before) in about 34 minutes! I am so flipping proud of myself.

Why else was I so pumped to run this race?! That’s because I got to run it with one of my very best friends, Kathleen and her sweet little boy Logan. It was a hot humid day here in the south and that boy pushed right through and completed the race with his mom somewhere in the 40 minute mark. I was waiting for them at the finish line cheering them along.

I think it would be fitting to round this post up with some inspiration. Maybe a little push if you will? If you have ever thought about running a local race, DO IT! My girlfriend Kari, in Massachusetts, told me those famous words once. When I told her I could never do that, she quickly told me ” Yes you can. Sign up for a race so you know you are already obligated to it and just train for it!”. You know what guys? I did just that. I signed up paid my registration fee and a month later I was running in my first race. This particular race in fact!

So, please don’t second guess yourself. You can do it. You can start by signing up for a fun run, which is typically about a mile. You don’t have to run it you can walk it! You can bring your babies in their strollers. You can interval run! OR, you can just run! The important thing is to just got outside and be active. If you ever need motivation or encouragement you know right where to find me!

Until next time everyone!

-Katlyn, A Gulf Coast Mommy

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