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Cheaha State Park, Alabama

One of the great things about living in Alabama is that we have both beaches and mountains! So if you are a family like ours, who enjoys camping or RV’ing, then Alabama has it all! Since purchasing our first pop up camper (from my grandparents) to our current tag-a-long, Brent and I have been able to take Charlotte and Sean to some pretty amazing places locally. Which is a major perk since they both love to be outdoors.

At the beginning of the October Brent, the kids and I were able to visit, for the first time, Cheaha State Park. Cheaha is the highest point in the State of Alabama, sitting 2,407 feet high and is located just north of Montgomery. If anyone out there knows where the Talladega Speedway is, well we were really close to that! 

We were lucky enough to plan our trip with our amazing friends, the Armours, who have been to Cheaha many times. They were able to show us their favorite trails and locations. Since we were only there for a quick weekend we really packed in as much as we could. There are so many trails, mountains views, and waterfalls to see. You could really spend a week there and have plenty to see and do.

We were able to visit:

Bald Rock:


the Rock Garden Trail:

Cheaha Falls and trail: (the falls were not huge while we were there, but can be spectacular when its been super rainy!)

Lake Chinneabe trail and Chinneabe Falls (aka Devils Den),

Alabama Highest Point Marker and Tower:

Leave No Trace Bigfoot Trail: (Charlotte’s personal favorite!)

Like I said earlier, this is an Alabama state park so Cheaha does have camp sites for RV’s and tent campers alike: full hook ups, semi-primitive, and primitive. Cheaha also has cabins and a hotel you can rent if you do not like to camp. We have a camper so we of course took it and stayed in the campground.

The campground itself is split into the upper-sites and the lower sites. (I would assume the spilt is because you are on a mountain top and there is only so much flat land you can create campsites on!) The upper sites are close to the camp store, hotel, and restaurant. We did not personally drive through those sites so I am not sure how good or bad they are.

We were located on the lower sites. It was a smaller area but it was quiet and sits about a mile down the mountain. Our particular site was small and left something to be desired but there were many other beautiful sites around us. Some sites even had views of Lake Cheaha that sits just below the campsites.

The Lake Cheaha “play area” was one place that we really wanted to take the kids but did not get to. The reason we wanted to check it out is because this is where the playground is located as well as a little sandy “beach” to swim and play in. (If you are a parent of small children then you know this a must!)

Cheaha State park truly lived up to its reputation. It is a beautiful place to sit, relax, and take in the scenery around you. It is also an amazing place to take your family for many kinds of adventures. Brent and I cant wait to take the kids back and see the places we could not squeeze in on this past trip! Until next time, I hope you all have an amazing day and I hope to see you all again soon!

Love Always,

Katlyn- the Gulf Coast Mommy


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