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5 Steps to Run Again!

Running has not always been a passion of mine. I distinctly remember as a young girl in P.E having to do the timed mile run, and man did I HATE doing that every year, thinking this is the worst thing ever! I always started out running (because I am competitive like that), but inevitably always ended up finishing somewhere near the back at a walk highly irritated. I never would have thought that as a grown women I would learn to love to run!

With that being said I have found myself in a little bit of a rut. I was on a good trajectory after Sean’s first birthday to run my first full marathon in January 2018. However, once Sean’s developmental delays were finally brought to our immediate attention, I completely fell off the wagon. Sean’s physical and mental health became my number one concern, with the rest of my family’s health right behind his and my health however was of little concern. Running not only was shoved to the back seat but it was neglected all together.

Now here I am trying to find that drive to run again! Its there but its having a hard time clawing its way to the surface. Your reason, may not be the same as mine for why you stopped running however its still a valid reason. Maybe you stopped because you became burnt out from running all the time, or you just had a baby and you have pulled many all nighters. You may not even know how or why you stopped, you just did.

You could even be someone who has never been a runner and you dont know where to start. SO! I came up with 5 steps to help us all get back out there!

Lace up your shoes and get outside!

Easy enough right?! Really and truly though, the hardest part of any workout is just getting started. Running can be an even bigger challenge (unless you have a treadmill) because its hot, its cold, its rainy, or its to humid. These are all just excuses keeping us inside and on the sofa! Conditions will never be perfect so lets just get out and do it! I promise once you are finished you will be so happy you made yourself get outside.

Start Small

To me this is a great rule of thumb whether you are just starting out or have been out of the loop for awhile (like me!). Starting small can mean something different to everyone. For example I like to start out by saying I will do a quick 1 mile to 1 mile and half walk or run. Nothing excessive, something manageable. That way I do not beat myself up for not being able to do what I could do in the past. For you, it might be getting out for a 20 – 30 minutes. Heck for some of you it might even be going out an conquering that 3 miles. But if its been a while since you ran, go easy on yourself. We will all get back to where we used to be. We just have to build our bodies back to that point.

Sign up for a 5k

Goal setting always helps right?! One of the best pieces of advice I ever received when I first began to run was, “Just sign up for a 5k about a month out. Once you pay to be in the race you will want to run it!”. (Thanks Kari you are the reason I began running in the first place!) This same principal applies here. Even though I have ran many times before, that is not always motivation enough to get me out the door. You might feel the same way. SO sign up for a race close to home and start to train! Besides race day is always a party.

Make a Great Playlist

I love music and a great playlist can make all the difference in your run. For me a loud, fun, and upbeat playlist just helps me to forget I am outside sweating like a man. Running until my watch tells me I am done is just aggravating! Whatever your favorite songs are use them. Because once that chorus kicks in you might find yourself singing right along. Oops or maybe that’s just me!

Embrace the Walk

Ok, let me level with you. I love a good walk break! Some might call it interval running but I call it a “walk out”! See I do not always walk at a set time. Most of the time I walk when I feel my body needs the break. (I do start out training with intervals to build my stamina though.) I know some of you say to yourself “I am going to run my 5k and that means i have to run it”. But honestly you do not. If your body is telling you to walk, then walk it out. There is no reason in hurting yourself. Run when you can and walk when you need it. You are still moving forward and that is all that matters.

I hope this has inspired you to get up and go for a run today. I have already taken Sean out for a walk and I am so happy that I did. Please tell me what race you are signed up for and how you plan on training for it! I will be participating in the United Cerebral Palsy Christmas Lights 5k and Fun run. Brent and Sean will not be with me for this one. However, I have made it a girls night with my mom, sister in law, niece, and my gorgeous daughter Charlotte! I hope to see some of you there. Until next time, have a fabulous day and I hope to see you all here soon.

Love Always,

Katlyn- A Gulf Coast Mommy

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