I am BACK!

Hello Hello Everyone!

I am so sorry I took some time off from my blog. The end of 2018 was quit the adventure to say the least. Brent and I had many appointments for Sean concerning diet and Dup7  follow ups. We also managed to navigate the public school system and get Sean into the special needs program. Which he just started on January 22, 2019.

Along with everyone else, Brent and I had to balance all of that with the holidays and birthdays! Yes I said birthdays! My mother’s, Brent’s, and Sean’s birthdays are all mixed into the holiday season. To wrap up our year I lost a very near and dear friend to ALS and Lyme disease.  He battled the disease for two years. I feel like my heart has been put through the ringer once maybe twice so far.

I also have some new and exciting adventures coming up that I hope to share with you very soon. I do not want to get to ahead of myself and jinx anything!

I also want to add, that if you are a parent of a child with autism or Dup7, or if you are just wanting to understand both better, please leave me a message. I would love to try and help bring awareness to both Autism and Rare Genetic Diseases.  Maybe I can use one of your questions for a whole post in the future. Until then I hope to have some new posts up very soon!

As always I hope you have a great day!

Katlyn- A Gulf Coast Mommy

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